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Wildlife & Landscape Projects

Join us in preserving Namibia's breathtaking natural beauty and embark on an extraordinary journey of wildlife and landscape conservation. Experience the wonders of our abundant wildlife and immerse yourself in the diverse environments of bush veld, desert, and coastline. An unforgettable conservation adventure awaits!

Naankuse Foundation - cheetah Roadie yawning

Volunteers have the exciting opportunity to actively participate in the conservation, rehabilitation, care and research of African wildlife. 

Naankuse Foundation - Kanaan Desert Retreat - volunteers jumping from red sand dune

Enter the magical and breathtaking realm of the world’s oldest living desert, the Namib. Here landscape conservation preserves 35,000 hectares of habitat. 

Naankuse Foundation - Rhino Ranger - Volunteers close-up

Join our anti-poaching unit and discover the rigours and challenges of protecting vulnerable and endangered species – hands on.

Naankuse Foundation - Harnas Wildlife Sanctuary - lion eating

Volunteer at the first wildlife sanctuary in Namibia. Harnas Wildlife Sanctuary is home to countless orphaned, injured and conflict animals. 

Naankuse Foundation - TimBila Nature Reserve - Lioness with cub

Discover the place of second chances, a vast 33,500-hectare nature reserve where conflict animals are given new life.

Naankuse Foundation - Neuras Adventure Week - Group of volunteer in the mountains

Immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of a desert oasis. Incredible hikes and the world’s highest sand dunes are just some of the adventure activities that beckon.  

Naankuse Foundation - Coastal Conservation Project - group of volunteers collecting waste

With 71% of the earth’s surface covered by the ocean, this exhilarating project is crucial to the conservation efforts of the Naankuse Foundation. 

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