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Naankuse Foundation - Coastal Conservation Project - baby seals
"We have the most incredible coastline but the pollution is killing it", we said to ourselves. "This is not right, lets fix it". - Team Naankuse

Coastal Conservation Project

Welcome to Namibia’s coastline and a unique addition to the conservation projects of the 

Naankuse Foundation.   


Just how did this purposeful project spring to life? The answer is exquisite in its simplicity. While enjoying a spot of responsible fishing, the Naankuse team, ever vigilant of areas needing a conservation boost, noticed the pollution and waste sullying what should be a flawless stretch of Atlantic coast. Always eager to leap into conservation-challenged areas, the call of the coast was answered, and that with the birth of the Naankuse Coastal Conservation Project.  


Namibia’s coastline is vital to the survival of countless marine, mammal, and bird species. Overfishing and irresponsible tourism practices are wreaking havoc on a fragile environment. This stretch of coast is also magnificently unique as it is one of the few places in the world where ancient sand dunes plunge into the ocean.   


The Naankuse Coastal Conservation Project aims to clean up the once pristine beaches and assist wildlife entangled or injured due to the waste.   


Furthermore, the project aims to research the coastal ecosystem – an ecosystem vital to the future.   


After all, the vast expanses of seawater that cover much of the Earth's surface not only support huge amounts of life but are the engines that keep our planet running. Just what would happen if this life force were to disappear?   

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