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Naankuse Foundation - Primary School - San pupil in front of blackboard - close-up
“We believe every child deserves the right to education. The education we offer gives them opportunities to better their lives and future.” Marlice van Vuuren

N/a’an ku sê Primary School

Accommodating grades 0 to 7, Naankuse Primary School places particular emphasis on an intimate classroom setting. Small class sizes allow pupils to benefit from one-on-one attention, any special needs also being effectively catered to. Regular visual and auditory checks are carried out, ensuring that academic achievement not be hindered by physical impairments.

In keeping up with advancements in technology, modern classrooms boast interactive smart boards. Access to the internet allows the children to visit the world from the midst of the African bush.

Sustainability Education

Located at the heart of a wildlife sanctuary, conservation and self-sustainability form a unique part of the curriculum. Over and above the relevant school syllabus, pupils are immersed in wildlife activities and maintaining their own vegetable gardens and plant beds.

Sports & Education

Team spirit and fostering athletic talent also lie at the heart of Naankuse Primary School. Children are encouraged to participate in sports, development of physical abilities paramount to a well-balanced education.

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