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Naankuse Foundation - Rapid Response Unit - Cheetah
Farmers are the custodians of conservation in Namibia. We have to be their partners if we still want our children to see cheetahs - Rudie van Vuuren

Rapid Response Unit

Conservation research forms a key focus of the work of the Naankuse Foundation. After all, research provides evidence, and evidence can change people’s perceptions. This makes an immense impact on future conservation efforts.   And one such area relying on scientifically produced data to alter opinions is that of human-carnivore conflict mitigation.   An increasing number of Namibian farmers are seeking alternative “non-lethal” solutions to human-carnivore conflict. In response to this, the Naankuse Foundation created the dedicated “Rapid Response Unit” in 2008.  

Namibian landowners, usually livestock farmers, having trapped large carnivore species such as leopard (Panthera pardus), cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) and brown hyena (Hyena brunnea) in capture cages, call us for assistance. As the name implies, the Rapid Response Unit immediately reacts, travelling to the site in less than 24 hours. The animal is immobilized by a trained professional and fitted with a GPS tracking collar.  An immediate release of the carnivore back into its existing territory ensues, in line with the Naankuse motto of “keeping the wild in the wild”. Intensive monitoring of the animal follows, the GPS data crucial to both Naankuse’s carnivore conflict mitigation research and to the farmer concerned. The data from the GPS collar is shared with the landowner each day, together with detailed information on the animal’s movements and relevant behavioural interpretations. In this way the concerned landowner can modify his livestock grazing locations and protection methods.   

Since 2008, the work of the Rapid Response Unit has decreased the lethal persecution of carnivores captured on farmers’ lands by 80%. 

The team is always at the ready to assist. Contact us at or call +264 81 756 1636. 

Contact Us

The team is always at ready to assist - facilitating a Namibia where man and wild can live and thrive together.
+264 (0)81 677 1345

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