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Naankuse Foundation - Kanaan Desert Retreat - Desert landscape with mountains
Kanaan is where I find my soul, where I realise how insignificant we really are - Marlice van Vuuren

Kanaan Desert Retreat

This 35,000-hectare beautifully preserved habitat in the Namib Desert is a photographer’s paradise, with endless red dunes and indescribable night skies. Approximately two hours south of Neuras and bordering the Namib Naukluft Park, Kanaan’s contrasting landscapes are never-ending. It’s a location where nature and conservation perfectly combine.  

Since acquiring the land in 2014, Naankuse has transformed what once was a sheep farm into an immense reserve. 68km of fences that previously criss-crossed the area and detrimentally affected the natural migration of wildlife have been removed. The land has subsequently been fully rehabilitated to provide a refuge for a number of species such as cheetah and hyena. 

Conservation research focuses on spotted hyena, black-backed jackal and human-wildlife conflict mitigation. 

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