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Naankuse Foundation - Footprint Identification Technique - obtaining footprints from cheetah Odyssey
Research gives us data, data gives us evidence and evidence helps us make good decisions - Rudie van Vuuren

Footprint Identification Technique

This technique was developed by WildTrack, as a translation of indigenous tracking expertise. From digital images of footprints, Footprint Identification Technique (FIT) can identify species, individuals, age-class and sex. Many monitoring tools, such as capturing animals and fitting them with GPS or VHF radio collars, are expensive, invasive, and only provide information on a limited percentage of animals.

As part of a collaboration between NGOs working in cheetah conservation, Naankuse started working with WildTrack in 2008 to develop FIT software for cheetahs, to be able to monitor this species using footprints alone.

Future tactics include monitoring the footprints of other large carnivores such as leopard and lion.

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