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Naankuse Foundation - Veterinary Wildlife Experience - animal ultrasound
"Good veterinarians talk to animals. Great veterinarians hear them talk back" - Anonymous 

Veterinary Wildlife Experience 

What better place than the Naankuse Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary to gain valuable insight into the world of veterinary care?  


It is the responsibility, but above all the passion, of the Naankuse Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary to afford every animal the best quality of life, rigorously monitoring their health and meticulously maintaining both their physical and emotional wellbeing. 


The dedicated Naankuse veterinary team intervenes where necessary daily, with each animal also undergoing stringent annual check-ups. Each day the resident veterinarians address any health or behavioural issues. The annual check-ups involve all animals being immobilised, weighed, checked, vaccinated, sampled and any health issues being addressed. This health check also allows the veterinary team to implant relevant contraception, collect data and samples for research purposes, collect blood for a general check-up and address dental issues.  


Yes, you’ll shadow our wild vets and experience their day-to-day challenges. You’ll participate in big cat health checks and get to grips with animal medical emergencies as they arise. And if we receive a human-wildlife conflict call, you’ll participate in that too. It may involve fitting a tracking collar to a wild carnivore. Never a dull moment… 

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