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Naankuse Foundation - Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate - cheetahs
"If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.” ― Rachel Wolchin 

 Adventure Week at
Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate

Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate – 14,500 hectares of prime conservation territory located just 80km from Namibia’s iconic Sossusvlei.  

Not only does this reserve cater to the fascinating realm of Hartmann’s mountain zebra and carnivore research, it boasts natural geological formations to make any jaw drop. Namibia’s Naukluft Mountains form an imposing backdrop, with ancient canyons and caves begging to be discovered. Furthermore, five natural fountains have made Neuras not only a desert oasis, but also one of the world’s driest vineyards. Yes, those with a penchant for wine have found the perfect place.  

The nectar of the gods aside, the adventure week opens a world of wonder. Hike through enchanting canyons, visit some of the world’s highest sand dunes, explore cliffs and caves, assist with feeding cheetahs removed from conflict, sleep out under the breathtaking night skies of the Namib Desert, savour second-to-none sunsets and tantalizing wines, and be enamored by one of Namibia’s most unique locations. 


What Will I be Doing?

  • Hiking and tracking in the Naukluft Mountains

  • Sossusvlei day excursion

  • Wine Tour and Tasting

  • Seasonal work in assisting with the harvesting and pressing of grapes for Neuras wines and spirits

  • Sunrise breakfast in Quiver Tree Forest

  • Hauchab Fontein swimming excursion

  • Assisting with feeding semi-habituated cheetahs

  • Monitoring camera traps

  • Sundowner & pizza night

  • Sleep out under the stars (season dependent)

Breathtaking Night Skies

Namibia's night skies are other-worldly, billions of stars lighting up the heavens - especially in the realm of the desert.

Neuras - astrological magic on earth. 

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