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Naankuse Foundation - Coastal Conservation Project - volunteers collecting waste
"How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is clearly Ocean.” — Arthur C. Clarke

Coastal Conservation Project

Welcome to Namibia’s coastline and one of the most dynamic volunteering projects of the Naankuse Foundation . This coastline is vital for the survival of both marine and bird species and is tragically under threat of destruction from irresponsible tourism and fishing. The Naankuse Coastal Conservation Project specifically aims to combat this, striving to protect a fragile environment. 

Cleaning up waste material, assisting wildlife entangled or injured due to the waste and learning about the key conservation importance and value of this coastal ecosystem form the focus of this unique volunteer experience. 

Costal Conservation

Where You Go

Based at Long Beach, just south of the charming town of Swakopmund, the project’s location is the ideal platform from which to discover a conservation-rich world. Add historical flair and adventurous activities to the mix, and the result is a volunteer project encompassing a world of conservation, adrenaline, and the spice of Namibia’s colonial history.

Naankuse Foundation - Coastal Project - shipwreck
Naankuse Foundation - Coastal Project - volunteers collecting waste

What You Do

• Cleaning up waste material along the coastline, starting from Mile 6

• Camping at Jakkalsputz

• Observing the seal colony at Cape Cross

• Camping at St. Nowhere

• Offload, weigh and document waste at recycling plant

• Swakopmund exploration

What To Look Forward To

• Living Desert Conservation Tour

• Clean up waste material along the coastline near the volunteer house

• Kayaking with seals in Walvis Bay

• Quad/Fat biking on the dunes

• Sandboarding on the dunes

• Special sundowner and barbecue to end the week

Naankuse Foundation - Coastal Project - baby seal
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