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Naankuse Foundatino - Human-Wildlife Conflict Research - lion
The real problem animal is the one in the mirror - Anonymous

Human-Wildlife Conflict Research

With farmland having encroached on much of previously untamed terrain, conflict between man and wild is inevitable. This often results in the lethal control of large carnivores as a preventative measure, or in retaliation for, livestock predation.

At Naankuse we offer advice and assistance to Namibian landowners. Our human-carnivore conflict mitigation research is ongoing and allows us to implement various livestock protection techniques based on scientific evidence. These include the use of thorn kraals, herders, livestock guardian animals such as dogs or donkeys, and bio-deterrents including lion scat placed at cheetah marking trees.

Above all, we never cease in striving to increase tolerance levels and subsequently reduce persecution levels through education and innovation.

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