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Naankuse Foundation - Kanaan Desert Retreat - volunteer in front of desert landscape
“If we don't have a place for nature in our heart, how can we expect nature to have a place for us.” ― Abhijit Naskar 

Kanaan Desert Retreat, located in southern Namibia, consists of landscapes that words simply cannot describe. Imagine 35,000 hectares of pristine desert environment, endless horizons, towering sand dunes, rocky ledges, Namibia’s unique quiver trees, undiscovered caves and night skies that simply cannot be rivalled. 

Taken over by the Naankuse team in 2014, fences previously having sliced the land into debilitating portions are systematically being removed. The return of carnivores and other desert-adapted wildlife ensued, this turning the reserve into a conservation mecca with its resulting research benefits. Spotted hyena clans regularly make use of the naturally occurring caves, their nocturnal activity on the reserve making for fascinating research. Black-backed jackals also dot the landscape, their behaviour part of the research performed. 


Volunteers having chosen this remarkable reserve will track wildlife, hike through indescribable terrain, monitor camera traps and the resulting images, participate in environmental rehabilitation and overall enter a world of riveting research. 

What You Do

  • Game counts

  • Hikes to discover signs of carnivore activity

  • Camera trap monitoring

  • Fence removal and wire braiding

  • Sunrise breakfast amidst the magical dunes

  • Sundowner under billion-star night skies

  • Sandboarding 

Naankuse Foundation - Kanaan Desert Retreat - volunteers replacing fence
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