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Naankuse Foundation - Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary - baby rhino Hope
The primary effect of rhino poaching is that there is one animal less. The secondary effect is the reluctance of landowners to have rhinos on their land and this is where we should help. - Rudie van Vuuren

Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary

Funded by Angelina Jolie through the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary is equipped with holdings pens, trucks, crates and veterinary equipment. And with a full-time veterinarian available, the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary has brought back hope to so many.  

Animals that come to the facility receive dedicated care and, once ready, are returned to the wilds of Namibia. The sanctuary is a conservation success story achieved through the collaboration of Naankuse, the Jolie-Pitt Foundation and the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism. 

Furthermore, the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary provides free services whenever necessary to the Namibian government and private rhino owners having experienced incidents of poaching and the resulting life-threatening injuries wildlife suffers from. Not only elephants and rhinos affected by poaching are rehabilitated at the sanctuary. Any animal negatively affected by abuse or having suffered the loss of its mother at a young age benefits from the rehabilitative services the sanctuary offers.  

Meet Hope, a rhino calf orphaned at a young age and expertly raised by the sanctuary team. Released onto the Zannier Reserve by Naankuse, Hope enjoyed a free life, Mother Nature then deciding otherwise. It is presumed that a rhino bull took an interest in Hope’s female rhino companion, Tippi, and as sometimes happens, the burly bull attacked Hope in attempting to get close to Tippi. Hope remains a symbol of just that – hope for all who have called the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary a steppingstone on the way to a better life. (Photo of Marlice with the baby rhino).  

Named after Angelina Jolie’s Namibian-born daughter, the sanctuary is a testament to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and the worldwide conservation efforts the Jolie-Pitt family undertakes. Having met Marlice van Vuuren in 2010, Angelina Jolie was struck by the endeavours of the Naankuse Foundation. This prompted the philanthropic actor to support the work of the foundation, both conservation and humanitarian.  

The Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary – bringing back hope.  

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