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Naankuse Foundation - Rhino Rangers - Rangers patrolling with volunteers
“Wildlife in the world can only be protected by the love of compassionate hearts in the world!” ― Mehmet Murat Ildan 

Rhino Rangers

Specifically tailored to emphasise the dire necessity of protecting threatened species, “Rhino Rangers” immerses participants in the exhilarating realm of anti-poaching methods and challenges.

Learn first-hand from our valiant anti-poaching unit (APU) whilst spending one week with the intrepid men who have dedicated their lives to guarding the 7,600- hectare Zannier Reserve by Naankuse. Join our APU on their patrols, master firearm skills, navigation, tracking techniques and the science of poaching itself – to defeat you need to understand.

You will also have the incredible opportunity of meeting and interacting with the courageous anti-poaching K9s. These dogs are highly trained in aspects of attack work, tracking, scent discrimination and every angle of anti-poaching power.


It’s a week of proving fearless!

Naankuse Foundation - Rhino Rangers - Anti-poaching dog training

What You Do

• Joining anti-poaching unit members on patrol

• Learning tracking skills

• Building observation points

• Overnighting on the reserve

• Receiving weapons training

• Learning navigational skills

• Monitoring rhinos and wildlife

• Learning about anti-poaching techniques and the global effects of poaching

• Meeting anti-poaching dogs

What To Look Forward To

Accommodation facilities in the heart of the reserve

  • Simply furnished tents at Camps Wild Dog and Lion

  • Hot water showers at Camps Wild Dog and Lion

  • All food rations and water provided

  • Dietary requirements catered for

  • Barbecue with drinks on the final night

Naankuse Foundation - Rhino Rangers - Rangers reading map with volunteers
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