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Naankuse Foundation - Zannier Reserve - two elephants making contact
"Conservation is humanity caring for the future" - Nancy Newhall

N/a’an ku sê Conservation Volunteer

Volunteers have the rare and exciting opportunity to actively participate in the conservation, rehabilitation, care and research of African wildlife.

Based at the Naankuse Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary, just 45km from Namibia’s capital city of Windhoek, volunteers will experience true conservation in a setting reminiscent of “I Dreamed of Africa”. Activities are tailor-made to emphasise the realities and challenges of wildlife conservation, as well as the complexities of responsible captive animal care.  

Activities include observing cheetahs as they chase a lure as part of vital physical care and enrichment, joining skilled trackers in spoor tracking of reserve animals, monitoring free-roaming elephants and rhinos, game counts, horseback riding, carnivore feeding, animal food preparation, reserve maintenance and so much more. 

As you can imagine, the nature of work at a busy wildlife sanctuary means that circumstances are at times beyond our control. This does affect daily activities which may change at short notice. We apologise for any disappoint this may cause. The one thing we can control? You having a wild time no matter what.

These once-in-a-lifetime experiences also take volunteers into the rich diversity of the Zannier Reserve by Naankuse. And if elephant and rhino patients are being tended to at the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary, this will also form an unforgettable part of the volunteer experience.

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