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Naankuse Foundation - Primary School - volunteer working with pupil
By giving someone healthcare you gain their trust. To give them education you empower them. Then you can create a future for them through commerce. - Rudie van Vuuren 

N/a’an ku sê Primary School

Volunteering at Naankuse Primary School, the colourful facility providing free education and support to all of Naankuse’s children,

is possible in two ways:


As part of the Naankuse Conservation Volunteer Program: This allows volunteers to immerse themselves in the world of our children, play times and music lessons complementing an already colourful curriculum. 


Naankuse Primary School Volunteers: Ideal for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of child development and education. No qualifications needed as our terrific team will take care of you. Volunteer on a “full-time” basis at Naankuse Primary School and let our children, all from unique and often challenging backgrounds, change your life. The minimum duration of stay is one month (4 weeks), and volunteers are only assigned to school related activities.

Days of Involvement

• Days of involvement: Weekdays (Monday to Friday); weekends are free unless a planned weekend school activity takes place

• Volunteers will be made aware of mid-term breaks, public holidays and school holidays ahead of their visit.

Naankuse Foundation - Primary School - volunteer painting pupils face
Naankuse Foundation - Primary School - focussed pupil in classroom

Weekend Activities

  • If school-related activities are planned for a weekend (not more than one weekend per month) volunteers are expected to participate in the planning and implementation of the weekend activity

  • Code of conduct: Quietly and respectfully listening to and observing the teacher’s lessons, using this opportunity to learn.

Requirements for Naankuse Primary School Volunteers

  • No qualifications are required. 

  • Enthusiasm, passion and a love for children (and all things conservation) are the only requirements. 

Naankuse Foundation - Primary School - volunteer holding pupil
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