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Naankuse Foundation - TimBila Nature Reserve -Lions Tim and Sara
"Wild animals are less wild and more human than many humans of this world" - Munya Khan

TimBila Nature Reserve
by N/a’an ku sê 

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience 33,500 hectares of crucial conservation terrain of the Naankuse Foundation. Here volunteers step into the ultimate paradise of preservation. 

Volunteers will gain in-depth know-how into reserve establishment, maintenance and management. The sprawling hectares are home to an inordinate number of carnivore and prey species, game counts revealing their dynamic diversity. Discovering the fascination of camera trap images and further research data will form an integral part of the volunteer experience. 

Dubbed “the place of second chances”, the TimBila Nature Reserve by Naankuse has already provided protected territory to conflict lions that would otherwise have lost their lives. Elephants, rhinos and African wild dogs, all removed from life-threatening conflict situations, have also found a home on this expansive mecca of conservation. Track elephants and lions and marvel at these majestic animals in their natural environment. 

Wild action aside, the facilities on the TimBila Nature Reserve are steeped in African comfort. The volunteer area boasts a breathtaking view, with amenities designed for well-earned rest after gratifyingly tiring conservation activities. 

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