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Naankuse Foundation - Zannier Reserve - rhinos and warthogs at waterhole
"Second chances don't always mean a happy ending. Sometimes it's just another chance to end things right" - Anonymous

Zannier Reserve by N/a’an ku sê

,500 hectares of prime conservation territory was at risk in 2016, and this located adjacent to the Naankuse Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary. The land earmarked for urban development, countless wildlife species would have lost their natural habitat and potentially their lives. It was the start of a conservation coup. Naankuse Foundation co-founder, Marlice van Vuuren, approached long-time friend and conservation partner, Angelina Jolie. Without further ado, Ms. Jolie introduced Arnaud Zannier of the Zannier Hotel Group. Renowned for its bespoke accommodation establishments and lodges across the world, the Zannier Hotel Group also selects locations benefitting conservation. Arnaud Zannier recognised the potential of the 7,500 exceptional hectares, subsequently establishing Omaanda Lodge in 2017 on what would have become a developmental disaster. Instead, the land now thrives under the conservation-management of the Naankuse Foundation. Many conflict animals now roam the expanses of land saved from an urban catastrophe.  

Elephants, desert-adapted lions and white rhinos are species having avoided imminent persecution in areas of conflict. These magnificent animals have been given a second chance. Relocated to and now thriving on the reserve, their wellbeing is continually monitored. This research contributes to our understanding of territorial behaviour, carnivore hunting patterns and the risks associated therewith, ecology and so much more. 

Meet possibly Namibia’s most famous elephant, Apollo. This tusked titan appeared at Namibia’s coast in December 2019. Endearing himself to residents, Apollo settled on a golf course on the outskirts of the town of Swakopmund – living in solitude and displaying a gentle temperament. His origins unknown, residents started closely approaching the powerful pachyderm, a fatal accident ultimately on the cards. As gentle as this giant was, a wild nature remains inherent. At the request of Namibia’s Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism (MEFT) Apollo was translocated to the Zannier Reserve by Naankuse – a mission of elephantine proportions. Here he leads a restful life, removed from conflict and affectionately called ‘Big Brother’ to fellow elephants, Ace and Astro

Piloted by conservation research and a dedication to preserving and sharing natural beauty, the Zannier Reserve by Naankuse is the custodian of a fragile environment at the gates of Namibia’s expanding capital, Windhoek. A vast diversity of animals makes for the ideal African adventure, with both guests and volunteers having the opportunity to experience a place where ecotourism and conservation perfectly complement each other. 

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