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Naankuse Foundation - troop of baboons
“No-one has ever become poor by giving.” - Anne Frank


Donating to the N/a’an ku sê Foundation couldn’t be easier! We know our projects are many and varied, each vital to conserving Namibia’s wildlife, landscapes and unique cultures.  


And we’ve made the donation process as simple as possible. Just select the cause that lies closest to your heart and follow the link. Hey presto! Now, wasn’t that easy? 

Thank you for your invaluable support.  

Naankuse Foundation - Naankuse Primary School - group of children on school yard

What could be more important than education? It’s where the children of Namibia gain that vital foundation standing them in great stead for the future.

Naankuse Foundation - Harnas Wildlife Foundation - lion

Providing a place of refuge for countless wildlife species that would otherwise have lost their lives. Harnas – for the love of animals.

Naankuse Foundation - Veterinary Clinics - Veterinarian examining animal leg

The veterinary clinics of the Naankuse Foundation cater to a myriad of sanctuary animals. In addition to this, the Naankuse veterinarians assist whenever necessary further afield – all of Namibia’s wildlife tended to when possible.

Naankuse Foundation - Naankuse Lifeline Clinic - Ambulance in front of shack

Providing free healthcare and support to Namibia’s impoverished San communities. The San are the most marginalised minority group in Namibia and uplifting their status is paramount.


Naankuse Foundation - Conservation Research - leopard

Our work in mitigating human-wildlife conflict requires camera traps, GPS tracking collars and countless man hours. It’s all crucial to facilitating a peaceful co-existence between man and wild.

Naankuse Foundation - Anti-Poaching Units - Anti-poaching ranger protecting rhinos

All the N/a’an ku sê-managed reserves are protected by highly trained and experienced anti-poaching units. Elephants, rhinos, desert-adapted lions and African wild dogs are just some of the vulnerable and endangered species relying on the fearless men for their safety. These men deserve a mountain of support.

Naankuse Foundation - Wildlife Sanctuary - Cheetah

Home to orphaned, injured and conflict animals – for so many a second chance. Any contributions make a world of difference to our sanctuary animals.

Naankuse Foundation - K9 anti-poaching dog with founder Marlice van Vuuren

The anti-poaching units of the N/a’an ku sê Foundation enjoy the benefits of skilled K9s, daring dogs trained in all aspects of anti-poaching power. They help in protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

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