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Naankuse Foundation - Anti-Poaching Units - Rangers protecting rhinos
‘Each day that sees no poaching on our reserves is a good day for us.’ Rudie van Vuuren 

N/a’an ku sê
Anti-Poaching Units

The need to protect both vulnerable and critically endangered species roaming the vast tracts of the Naankuse-managed reserves, prompted the birth of the Naankuse anti-poaching units. These sprawling protected areas are a safe haven for wildlife, including white and black rhinos, elephants, and a species on the verge of extinction – the African wild dog. 

The roots of the anti-poaching teams stretch beyond the borders of the reserves of the Naankuse Foundation. Private rhino owners approached the foundation with a desperate hope of assistance. Farming with rhinos, the threat of poaching ever-present, had become a dangerous and costly endeavour, potentially ending the cultivating of a vulnerable species. The Naankuse anti-poaching units provide the security the keeping of rhinos demands, with these magnificent animals now protected on Naankuse-managed reserves.

The anti-poaching units are on 24-hour patrol, the daring men spending nights in the bush itself. Free-roaming lions and other predators do not deter our units from being where they are needed most – on the ground and always alert.  

Complementing the units are fearless anti-poaching dogs. These incredible K9s are trained in tracking and attack work, with other innate canine skills having been honed to perfection… sniffing out contraband including rhino horn? No problem. Detecting ballistics and weapons? Couldn’t be easier. Yes, the innate talents of dogs far outweigh that of man and perfectly complement already tough teams.  

These men and dogs have dedicated their lives to the protection of Namibia’s wildlife – animals too often valued for their horns and not their magnificent natures, for their tusks and not their tender hearts.  

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