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Naankuse Foundation - TimBila Nature Reserve - lion yawning
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TimBila Nature Reserve
by N/a’an ku sê

Welcome to the TimBila Nature Reserve by Naankuse – a conservation dream made magnificently real. Here 33,500 hectares harbour a number of endangered and vulnerable wildlife species, all protected by a formidably trained anti-poaching unit.  

A particular focus is on providing a safe haven for conflict animals. Indeed, the reserve provides a protected home to many animals that would otherwise have lost their lives in areas of drought and the resulting skirmish with man. 

Lions, on the verge of starvation and driven by hunger, entered rural communities in search of food, this leading to potential persecution of these magnificent big cats. Translocated to the TimBila Nature Reserve, a number of lions now roam free on the wild expanses – their future secured. 

Similarly, elephants, African wild dogs and white and black rhinos have also been provided with a second chance – all species protected by the vigilant anti-poaching unit. 

Just how did this conservation mecca come into being? Meet Albert ten Brinke of the Netherlands’ Ten Brinke Group, the activities of which encompass all aspects of construction and property development. Albert, together with his wife, Anneke, possessed a vision of an African paradise where wildlife can thrive. Being perfectly aligned with the ethos of the Naankuse Foundation, the ten Brinke family joined the Naankuse fold in 2020. The conservation dream became a reality, with 33,500 hectares of terrain ideal for the preservation of wildlife and habitat now proving invaluable to the conservation efforts of the Naankuse Foundation.  

The Ten Brinke Group and Naankuse – a powerful partnership.  

Naankuse Foundation - lions at the brink of starvation
Naankuse Foundation - TimBila Nature Reserve - rehablilitated lions Tim & Sara

The emaciated lions prior to rehabilitation

The Lions thriving after successful rehabilitation 

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