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Naankuse Foundation - TimBila Nature Reserve - Elephant - fitting GPS collar
“Wilderness without wildlife is just scenery.” ~ Lois Crisler

Wildlife Rehabilitation & Captive
Care Experience 

Wildlife Rehabilitation and Captive Care Experience – make the Naankuse Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary your classroom and learn about wildlife – hands-on. 


So, what is the experience about? You’ll enter a world of animal care and rehabilitation, learning all about Namibia’s magnificent wildlife species. Let their behaviour enthral you whilst tackling activities that will open a magical world of wild wonders. Create items to enrich our sanctuary residents, gain in-depth knowledge about diseases and associated parasites, discover the challenges and solutions associated with human-wildlife conflict management, gain in-depth understanding of animal behaviour from African wild dog pack mentality and the complex social hierarchy of chacma baboons to captive cheetah characteristics. The list goes on… 


Tempted to treat yourself to the experience of a lifetime? It’s offered twice a year, in February and September/October. The excitement runs for 10 days – Monday through Friday with a weekend break. And all you need to qualify for this experience is an avid interest in all things animal.  


The maximum group size is 10 participants. Yes, we like to keep it as hands-on as possible. 


The Wildlife Rehabilitation and Captive Care Experience – expect the unexpected!  

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