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Naankuse Foundation - Neuras Wine & Wildlife Estate - Tree in front of Neuras landscape
Where water turns to wine - John 2:9

Neuras Wine & Wildlife Estate

More than 120 years old, Neuras is one of the driest vineyards in the world, and it’s in this desert paradise that the Naankuse Foundation has combined the production of exclusive wines and spirits with the preservation of what makes Namibia the conservation mecca it is today… its wildlife, landscapes and culture.

Welcome to Neuras Wine & Wildlife Estate, the place of abandoned water. This oasis in the desert, boasting natural fresh-water fountains and lush palm trees, produces wines and spirits from one of the driest vineyards in the world. All profits resulting from this wine and spirit production get fed straight back into Naankuse’s conservation projects.

​​The 14,500 hectares offer prime conservation research projects. These have included Hartmann’s mountain zebra research and carnivore monitoring. Cheetahs removed from conflict, whose habituation prevents their full release, have found a safe haven at Neuras Wine & Wildlife Estate. A camp more than 35 hectares large allows them to lead as natural a life as possible.​

The world’s longest-monitored free-roaming leopard, Lightning, settled on Neuras after her release in 2009. Rehabilitated by the Naankuse Foundation and fitted with a GPS collar, Lightning proved herself to be a non-conflict cat. Not targeting livestock and instead following the migratory routes of natural prey species, Lightning catapulted herself into the realms of a leopard legend. Lightning passed away after living a life of spectacular freedom and will always remain an irreplaceable part of Naankuse's rich history.

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