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Naankuse Foundation - Harnas Wildlife Sanctuary - lion
If a human is injured or orphaned do we kill it? Why should we do it with animals? - Marieta van der Merwe

Harnas Wildlife Sanctuary

The Harnas Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary proudly holds the accolade of being the first wildlife sanctuary established in Namibia.  


As such, this haven for wildlife and people stands at the forefront of conservation in our unique country.  

Indeed, it is the childhood home of Naankuse Foundation co-founder, Marlice van Vuuren. Here Marlice grew up surrounded by the animals having found a second chance at the wildlife sanctuary. Her innate ability in caring for wildlife blossomed, and her life was to be touched by the San people too. Not only was Marlice’s life impacted by wildlife, but the plight of the San was to mould her future. From child to adulthood, Marlice immersed herself in the San’s world, their culture, language and inherent bond with nature becoming part of Marlice’s ultimate existence – that of one of Namibia’s most popular and well-known conservationists and humanitarian advocates.  

Home to a vast number and variety of wildlife species, all orphaned or removed from instances of conflict or abuse, Harnas caters to the needs of each individual animal in a bushveld paradise reminiscent of ‘I Dreamed of Africa’.  

“Harnas” means a protective shield or armor, and that perfectly epitomises what Harnas strives for – to protect the lives of animals and people. 

A large focus of the work achieved at Harnas is that of preserving the San culture – the most ancient in the world. It is the vision of Harnas to empower and protect the San people who work on this sprawling reserve. This is accomplished through the provision of job opportunities and education, as well as healthcare at the Naankuse Lifeline Clinic. 

The Harnas Wildlife Foundation – for the love of animals.  

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