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Educational Projects

Expand your knowledge and skills while immersing yourself in the world of wildlife at Naankuse. We warmly welcome student groups and offer valuable internship opportunities. Acquire practical skills and knowledge during our special volunteering programs focusing on wildlife rehabilitation and veterinary work. 

Naankuse Foundation - Rehab Experience - volunteer creating animal enrichment

A once-in-a-lifetime experience that takes participants into the riveting world of all things animal – husbandry, behaviour, care and rehabilitation.  

Naankuse Foundation - Internships - cheetah with GPS collar

We welcome interns from around the world, allowing them to augment their studies with in-situ conservation and humanitarian projects.  

Naankuse Foundation - Veterinary Wildlife Experience - cheetah health check

This experience  is an ideal opportunity for vets, vet nurses and veterinary students. Gain irreplaceable knowledge of wildlife veterinary work – firsthand.  

Naankuse Foundation - Student Group

Let the reserves and wildlife sanctuaries of the Naankuse Foundation form your outdoor classroom. And we can tailor-make the experience just for you. 

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