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Big cats go big: The Huab Pride

The four cubs born to the conflict lions removed from Namibia’s Torra Conservancy in May 2021, couldn’t be doing better. Dubbed the ‘Huab Pride’ these lions were translocated to the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary for urgent rehabilitation from states of emaciation.

Drought conditions in Namibia’s north-west had driven the starving big cats onto communal farmlands, desperate for food. Enter the Naankuse Foundation with the assistance of valuable donors and supporters. The lions, on the verge of succumbing to starvation, were rescued and rehabilitated. Release onto the TimBila Nature Reserve by Naankuse then followed.

The conservation fairy tale concludes with the birth of four cubs, these faring exceptionally well. Images taken in April show just how the energetic cubs are keeping the pride of desert-adapted lions on their paws.

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