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Navigating the Waters: The Challenges and Triumphs of Hippo Relocation at TimBila Nature Reserve

The TimBila Nature Reserve by Naankuse recently relocated a young hippo bull and his mother to the protected expanses of this immense conservation reserve. Hippos on game farms and nature reserves tend to start killing each other when they are competing for space and water resources. The young hippo bull was at risk of being killed by an old bull on the game farm where he was living. Moving the young hippo bull to the TimBila Nature Reserve gave him a second chance which is exactly what TimBila stands for.

Moving hippos is not an easy task, with an aquatic element certainly adding risk to an already fragile operation. Naankuse and TimBila thank Okosongoro Game Farm and veterinarian, HO Reuter, for their expert assistance in making this relocation successful.

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