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A Hyena named Harry

Some months ago, the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) of the Naankuse Foundation received a call from a neighbouring farmer. He was concerned about the presence of a brown hyena on his land. The RRU is always at the ready to quickly respond to any conflict call, the wellbeing of predator and farmer a primary concern.

Now, at Naankuse we know that brown hyenas predominantly scavenge, hence not causing too much conflict with landowners. However, simultaneously we respect the views and livelihoods of our farmers and are always keen to find a solution.

In this instance, the hyena was captured within a humane trap cage and relocated to the protected 7,500 hectares of the Zannier Reserve by Naankuse, removed from conflict. After a thorough health check and the placement of a GPS tracking collar, the beautiful boy was released onto the reserve. The team couldn’t resist naming this handsome fellow Harry.

Monitored on a daily basis, Harry’s movements and behaviour are providing vital insight into the manner of brown hyenas, and he has firmly embedded himself in our hearts.

In August, it came to our attention that Harry had been involved in a fight with another predator, wounds marring his otherwise immaculate form. Naankuse veterinarian, Dr. Maaike de Schepper, and her band of helpers quickly intervened. This involved immobilizing Harry and treating his injuries. Once the veterinary work was completed, the reversal drug soon had Harry back on his paws and trotting back to his wild life. We’ll continue monitoring Harry and assessing his wellbeing. He’s part of the Naankuse family.

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