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Second Chances – the lions of Naankuse

A second chance doesn’t always mean a happy ending, it’s a chance to end things right and at the Naankuse Foundation we constantly strive to end things right for the wildlife of Namibia.

The month of May was filled with fabulous ‘second chance’ sightings, happy endings borne from initial hopelessness. And we’d love to share the fairy tale moments with you.

2018 and lionesses have come into conflict with man. The potential outcome? Persecution of the powerful predators. The Naankuse Foundation is asked to assist, translocating mother and cubs to the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary. Here the big (and little) cats acclimatise to a new environment. The next step? Release onto the protected expanses of the Zannier Reserve by Naankuse.

Fast forward four years to 2022 and the cubs have grown, male Luke a formidable presence.

Responsible conservation tactics demand careful genetic control. Luke is moved to the massive TimBila Nature Reserve by Naankuse. Here he roams 33,500 open hectares, free to hunt and lead a natural life. And in May we spotted this mighty male – once a cub facing potential death… now a lion with a future.

How’s that for conservation prowess?

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