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Recognising Greatness: induction of the Learners’ Representative Council at Naankuse Primary School.

We all love to be recognised, especially the little (and not so little) ones of Naankuse Primary School.

In May a special ceremony was held to acknowledge the achievements of our children and officially inaugurate the Learners’ Representative Council (LRC). The LRC is a body of learners selected by the students themselves. This committee of ambitious children is there to lead and embody a good example for the whole school.

Certificates of appreciation were awarded to those children having performed well academically. And the athletes also received acclaim. Yes, Naankuse Primary School is blessed with sporting talent.

The highlight of the proceedings? That would be the induction of the Learners’ Representative Council (LRC). And the cherry on the top was the presence of Dutch conservation partners, Jan and Tineke Verburg. Oom Jan and Tannie Tineke have supported the Naankuse Foundation since the birth of the Lifeline Clinic in 2003. We highly value this incredible philanthropic couple.

Delighted beams were unmissable when our long-time supporters handed out ties to the members of the LRC.

The Naankuse team is immensely proud of the achievements of its learners. They’re all going a long way.

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