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The next step

August was an exciting and challenging month for the Grade 7 learners of Naankuse Primary School. Yes, as of 2024 these learners will be entering Grade 8 in secondary schools, leaving the colourful classrooms of Naankuse Primary School behind them.

Naankuse Primary School accommodates Grades 0 to 7, our learners then entering the world of secondary school education at other academic institutions in Namibia. Bearing in mind that Naankuse Primary School provides a safe and stimulating environment, especially for San learners who tend to be bullied and ostracised in public schools, stepping out of this nurturing environment can be daunting. Too often the extreme bullying leads to San children running away from school and giving up an education so vital to their futures.

But hail PETROFUND! Through the generosity and support of Namibia’s PETROFUND (Petroleum Training and Education Fund), our learners may have the privilege of attending St. Boniface College in 2024, one of Namibia’s most esteemed schools. Based in Rundu in Namibia’s north, St. Boniface College is a prestigious educational institution offering the level of safety, encouragement and academic prowess that our learners so deserve. PETROFUND will be covering the tuition and boarding fees, as well as other school-related costs. We couldn’t be more grateful!

On Saturday, 26 August, the learners travelled to Rundu to write the entrance exam required for admittance to St. Boniface College. Here they also had the adventure of popping into neighbouring country, Angola – just a bridge-walk away.

The Naankuse team hopes for excellent entrance exam results and a sterling start to 2024’s academic year.

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