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Naankuse Foundation - lion in evening sun

Who We Are

We welcome you to a place of protection, pride, perseverance, and passion - a place of refuge.

The conservation of Namibia’s wildlife, landscapes, and unique cultures lies at the heart of our credo, inspiring and educating through innovation and empathy – the understanding of peoples’ plights, wildlife’s vulnerability… and the ability to remedy both in a world where man and wild can live and thrive together. Visiting our very own African paradise allows you to not only immerse yourself in the experience of a lifetime but also supports our conservation ideals, which we strive to uphold in this lifetime and all those to come.

Our conservation dream… your conservation adventure.

Our Journey

Take a walk through time with us and discover the rich history of the Naankuse Foundation.

It’s been an amazing journey.  


The death of a San baby prompts Dr. Rudie and Marlice van Vuuren to establish the Lifeline Clinic for the San community of Epukiro. Dr. Jannes Brandt introduces valued partners, including Dutch philanthropist, Jan Verburg, who makes the clinic a reality.


Angelina Jolie chooses Naankuse to become a partner of the Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Foundation, in honour of her Namibian-born daughter. The Jolie-Pitt Foundation has been supporting the work of Naankuse ever since.


Mangetti Elephant & African Wild Dog Research Project begins. The Naankuse Forest Conservation Revegetation Project starts propelling crucial landscape conservation efforts. The Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary commences with rehabilitating rhinos and elephants.


The Harnas Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary becomes a proud member of the Naankuse family. Established in 1978, the concept of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in Namibia was borne at Harnas, spearheaded by its matriarch, Marieta van der Merwe. Furthermore, the upliftment of Namibia’s San communities also forms an integral part of the work of Harnas. The Harnas Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary is the flagship of conservation in Namibia, and the Naankuse Foundation is honoured to have incorporated this organisation into its fold.


The Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary comes to life, providing a second chance for animals and releasing them back into the wild when possible. ​

Naankuse Lodge follows, providing employment and funding humanitarian and conservation projects.


Neuras Wine & Wildlife Estate is added, conservation through innovation being practiced with the sale of Neuras wines supporting conservation projects. The 14,500 hectares of this reserve perfectly lend themselves to conservation research.


The Zannier Reserve by Naankuse becomes a haven for the release of rehabilitated wildlife. Our anti-poaching unit provides protection for vulnerable and endangered species.


The Naankuse Coastal Conservation Project springs to life. Focusing on cleaning up Namibia’s once pristine coastline, this project is proving vital to a fragile marine ecosystem. Any animals injured by or entangled in waste materials such as fishing line are aided by the project. The ocean is, after all, one of the planet’s primary life forces and the conservation thereof is paramount.


“Rapid Response” starts mitigating human-wildlife conflict, reducing the indiscriminate killing of captured carnivores on commercial farmland by 80%. Our mitigation and conservation research spreads to other sites across Namibia.


Kanaan Desert Retreat becomes a part of the portfolio, with the van Uden Group joining the Naankuse family. This vast expanse of pristine conservation territory proves ideal for research forays into many aspects of conservation.


The Naankuse Chapel, funded by Jan and Tineke Verburg, opens its doors.


Naankuse Travellers Inn starts welcoming guests, adding luxury to the backpacker experience. 


The Naankuse Primary School is born, providing free education for Naankuse’s children.


Naankuse @ Utopia Boutique Hotel starts accommodating the discerning business and leisure traveller alike.


Utopia Boutique Hotel is extended, providing comfort to more guests.



The TimBila Nature Reserve by Naankuse, protected territory providing a second chance for conflict animals, is added to the Naankuse Foundation’s crucial conservation sites. This is made possible by Dutch conservation partners, Albert and Anneke ten Brinke.

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