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Meet Winnie, the superlative sister of male lion, Clarence.  


2003 and Winnie was born in Namibia’s well-known Etosha National Park. Her pride, however, escaped the park’s borders and wandered onto farmland. No longer in a protected area, the pride was shot and killed. Only Winnie and her sibling, Clarence, were spared, their young age at the time prompting the farmer to keep them as a tourist attraction. Kept in appalling conditions, the plight of the lions thankfully came to the attention of Namibia’s Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism (MEFT). Confiscation followed with the youngsters ultimately arriving at the N/a’an ku sê Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary.  


At N/a’an ku sê we strive to return the wild to the wild whenever possible, but Winnie’s habituation to humans prevented this. Habituation significantly reduces survival chances upon release. Winnie instead shares a massive camp on the N/a’an ku sê Reserve with her beautiful brother. The two perfectly epitomise lion power and educate all fortunate enough to see these feisty felines on the plight of Namibia’s lions. For 20 years they have been ambassadors for their wild counterparts.  


Wouldn’t you be proud to have Winnie as part of your family? A symbolic animal adoption is just USD 250.00 per year and supports the animals of the N/a’an ku sê Foundation.  


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