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With his mum having developed gestational diabetes, a condition preventing lactation, Odyssey, together with his siblings, Shiloh and Wonder, had to be hand raised at the N/a’an ku sê Foundation Wildlife sanctuary. After a shaky start, with Odyssey requiring veterinary intervention and constant care, he grew into a handsome lad of large proportions. Yes, he is one of the biggest cheetahs at N/a’an ku sê.  


Living with the ladies, Shiloh and Wonder, is just up Odyssey’s alley, this beautiful boy lapping up their ministrations. He’s a giant softie with a heart of gold. But don’t let his charming exterior fool you. Our Odyssey is a prime hunter, having displayed his predatorial instinct to perfection for many a natural history documentary. The BBC’s ‘Animals with Cameras’ benefitted from Odyssey’s honed hunting skills, this cheetah sprinting across the savannah in prime predator mode.  


Odyssey is the perfect addition to any family, his symbolic adoption just USD 200.00 per year. Every dollar assists the N/a’an ku sê Foundation in keeping its sanctuary animals in the peak of health – both physically and emotionally.  


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