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May 2017 saw tiny Nana, a bundle of hyena boisterousness, enter the N/a’an ku sê fold. His pregnant mum had been trapped in a capture cage, succumbing to the stress that confined hyenas frequently suffer from. The tragic result was her killing her cubs as she gave birth within the capture cage. Fortunately, our Marlice van Vuuren, who had come to collect the mum for imminent release, managed to pull Nana to safety. The diminutive darling was brought to the sanctuary and the experienced care bestowed on him by Marlice herself.  


Ideally Nana would have remained in the wild raised by his hyena mother – but sadly the stress of capture put paid to an inherently natural cycle. The course of Nana’s life was forever altered.  


As we always strive to do, Nana is being provided with a life as natural as possible, his high-spirited hyena temperament and carefree characteristics carefully catered for. His current and future wellbeing forms a top priority – a priority bestowed on all N/a’an ku sê’s animals.  


How about having a hyena in your life? Nana is just the ticket. You can symbolically adopt our gorgeous boy for just USD 200.00 per year. And all funds raised benefit the animals of the N/a’an ku sê Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary.  


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