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Arriving at the N/a’an ku sê Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary at just two weeks old, little Beetlejuice had tragically been orphaned. Born at Namibia’s coast, Beetlejuice, together with his siblings, lived underneath a shipping container. Yes, his mum had chosen this spot to protect her young. Unfortunately, the shipping container was moved, forcing polecat mum to grab her little ones and escape. In the mayhem of the move, tiny Beetlejuice was left behind. Lovingly named after Tim Burton’s stripey character, Beetlejuice has lavished in the comforts of the N/a’an ku sê Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary since 2015. As is the norm at N/a’an ku sê we try and give as many animals as possible the gift of freedom. But our Beetlejuice turned his back on a wild life, choosing to return to the sanctuary after every release attempt. His masked appeal has attracted a myriad of photographers and filmmakers, the existence of African striped polecats planted firmly on the map. He couldn’t be a better ambassador for his free-roaming counterparts.  


Beetlejuice would make a brilliant addition to your life. You can symbolically adopt this black and white beauty for just USD 110.00 per year. All funds raised support the animals of the N/a’an ku sê Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary.  


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