Wildlife Conservation Volunteer and Medical Volunteer Descriptions

With no experience or qualifications necessary, you can join us from 2 weeks to 3 months and choose one project or a combination of projects. In 2012 over 500 international volunteers aged 18+ came from all over the world to be a part of our working projects which supported the wildlife and people of Namibia. In return for their hard work, we gave each volunteer in 2012 a once in a lifetime experience of living and working in the real Africa.


Choose from our four volunteer programs to have the experience of a lifetime here in Namibia!


Wildlife volunteer with baboon
Our Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteers provide an important resource in caring for and feeding the animals at our sanctuary.
Namibia cheetah closeup
Research Volunteers participate in activities such as tracking leopards and cheetahs, as well as assisting the estate with development.
medical volunteer with patient
You will provide hands on support at the clinic, participating in observations, running reception and helping in the dispensary.
african wild dog face
At Omaanda-Ombidi you'll be an integral part to helping build up and maintain our new Reserve.
  • volunteer jumping in picture naankuse
  • volunteer camera trap naankuse
  • volunteer camera trap naankuse

About our Volunteer Projects

Click here to download the complete information on our volunteering programs.



Our projects could not function without the hard work, dedication and time of our medical volunteers and wildlife volunteers, officially known by the government here as voluntourists.


By joining us as at N/a’an ku sê you are becoming part of a generous group of people known as voluntourists – those who see a country through unique eyes and spend their holiday time and funds assisting projects around the world, thank you. All funds from our volunteering programme are ploughed back into our projects, enabling us to grow and become even more successful in achieving our vision.


We never forget our volunteers and our volunteers never forget their time at N/a’an ku sê. Returning N/a’an ku sê volunteers benefit from a 10% loyalty discount for their second visit and a 15% discount for future visits.

Rates: Returning N/a’an ku sê volunteers benefit from a 10% loyalty discount for their second visit and a 15% discount for future visits.

Tips for Volunteers and Visitors to the Foundation

Watch this space for tips on your travels to N/a'an ku sê!



It's hot out here! Make sure you bring sunblock, water bottles and a hat/sunglasses. The temperature dips at night so make sure to bring layers for the evenings, nights and mornings. Temperatures are ranging between 40F - 90F (4C - 32C).



Make sure to bring sunblock! We want you to stay safe from the strong sun rays here. Even if you want a tan, make sure to bring enough sun block with an SPF of 30.


Consider bringing bug spray as well! Better comfortable than bitten, eh? Please note that you do not require antimalarial tablets at any of our volunteering sites. 



Please bring South African Rand in cash as it's not always easy to convert money at the airport. We recommend a minimum of 1,000 ZAR per week while you are visiting us. (Namibia accepts ZAR. ZAR is easier to convert than Namibian Dollars.)



We do not offer WiFi for volunteers at the volunteer area. If you'd like to have access to the internet, please consider booking a night at the Lodge (where there is free WiFi) or add yourself to the Sunday town trip that occurs if there are 10 volunteers ready to go.