Neuras: Where Wine Supports Conservation

Neuras: N/a’an ku sê Wine and Wildlife Estate is an oasis on the edge of the desert and unique in the world for its combination of wine production and landscape conservation.


N/a’an ku sê follows in the footsteps of Allan and Sylvia Walkden-Davis who rehabilitated the land to produce exceptional quality vines and in the hands of a new team, Neuras now serves a further purpose – conservation and protection of wildlife.


If you're travelling through Namibia, a visit to Neuras is a must - enjoy one or two of our unique wine and conservation activities, such as tracking wild leopards or vineyard tour, or rest your weary head overnight at one of our cosy chalets. For a hands-on experience at Neuras, we also welcome Volunteers who have an interest in wine production, carnivore and land conservation, to work with our team for 1 week - 3 months.


» 80km from the world famous Sossusvlei, Neuras is a 14,400ha nature reserve home to free roaming mountain zebra, kudu, springbok, ostrich, warthog, jackal and many other exotic animals.


» Ancient canyons, fascinating geological formations and five natural fountains make this release site an unbelievable oasis in the middle of the Namib Desert.


» One of only three wineries in Namibia, Neuras produces the world’s driest wine which has been critically acclaimed by international wine experts.


» A combination of unique activities on offer only at Neuras, including carnivore tracking and wine tasting.


» Rustic and comfortable en-suite chalets, with a self-catering option, homely restaurant and bar, and luxurious swimming pool.






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